Presentation skills coaching

For many graduate roles, you will be asked to attend an assessment centre so that recruiters can undertake an in-depth examination of your competencies and transferable skills. Often, making a presentation of some sort will form part of this assessment centre process.

If you have received advance details of the presentation you must make, then I will tailor a practice session to that specific presentation. This will allow you the opportunity to practise your pre-prepared material, respond to detailed questioning and then receive feedback and suggestions for improvement on your presentation material and your delivery performance.

If the presentation topic is to be given to you on the day, I can provide you with a general presentation topic, relevant to the type of role for which you are applying. During the session you will practise delivering the presentation and responding to detailed questioning. I will then provide feedback and suggestions for improvement on your presentation preparation and your delivery performance.

Due to the nature of presentation skills coaching, it needs to take place face to face. I therefore only offer this service in the Kent area currently.



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