Interview Coaching and Feedback

Recruitment processes vary within every organisation, however, one certainty is that an interview will be part of the assessment. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you are a high performer in your current role, but not being able to effectively articulate this to your interviewer.  Being able to demonstrate your skills and depth of experience is essential to interview success. Whatever the role and whatever the level, good preparation is key.  I offer coaching and feedback sessions to assist you in this.

Rather than just concentrating on general interview technique, which you can pick up from the hundreds of books and websites devoted to this, as an experienced HR practitioner, I give you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback.

I focus on general competencies that all organisations seek rather than specific technical skills, and will tailor the coaching session to meet your personal requirements. The latter part of the session will focus on giving you feedback and guidance on further developing and improving your interview performance.

Interview coaching typically take place via skype, but can also be by phone, or face to face depending on your location.



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