What my clients say

Working with Claire was easy and worthwhile. She took  time to understand me, the roles I have done, and what I am looking for so that I could have the strongest cv possible.  She met all her timelines and was happy to discuss any questions I had.  I would strongly recommend Claire and Skilledcv.” PV, Edinburgh

  • “I had a strong CV and thought I had covered all the bases to invite the right response from potential employers.  Claire’s help in making subtle changes to the content and format of my CV, I believe,  made the difference in breaking-in to a new organisation at the right  level.  Her experience and advice is first-class and her knowledge of  how to incite the reader to want to meet a candidate is a rare skill.  I would whole-heartedly recommend her work to anyone looking to make a move, or thinking of formalising their experience in the best possible way.”  JE, London.
  • “Claire surpassed my every expectation and its amazing how she transformed my bloated CV into a slick concise resume that reads incredibly well.The way she highlights my achievement’s and skills really is an art! I highly recommending her services to anyone that wants a highly professional tailored CV with excellent customer service to boot!!” ZJ, London
  • “Going back to work after a career break, Claire turned my CV from a collection of fading memories, into a positive, professional and polished presentation of the skills that I have.  Her support for this process is invaluable, and the confidence it gives you makes all the difference in both applications and interviews.” EW, Sevenoaks
  • “Claire is very personable and spent time discussing and evaluating my previous work experience; from this she did a fantastic job creating a very professional and effective CV. I will definitely be recommending Claire to everyone I know” RT, Sevenoaks

The standard of Claire’s interview preparation and coaching was excellent. I found it really useful and it helped me focus on what I was doing wrong in my interviews and how I could improve. It enabled me to get up to 3 job offers and choose the one I really wanted. I would recommend her very highly.” Jon Whelan – Tough Mudder Operations Manager

  • I was stuck in a rut professionally & wasn’t sure how to get out of it. A friend recommended Claire & she quickly & professionally re-vamped my CV. Through succinct telephone interview & asking all the right questions about my achievements & experiences, Claire re-wrote my CV & captured the wording, structure & summary perfectly. I am now excited again to venture into the job market to find the right environment & team to work with. I am so pleased with the results that I want to recommend Claire to everyone who needs help in this area. I really appreciate Claire’s skills & 15 years experience to make this happen – all within 4 days! Thanks again Claire”  SC, London
  • “The recruitment agent told me my CV was one of the best he had seen.” TW, London

Claire absolutely transformed my long-winded dull 4 page CV to a snappy 2 page eye-catching document that managed to get me an interview for my ideal job!  Claire really listens, ensures she understands what you do and can present it in a really concise, striking way. SE, Surrey 

  • “Claire rebuilt my CV from the ground up to emphasise my transferable skills when I looked to move to the private sector. As a result of Claire’s work I received an increase in agency calls and interview offers.” DR, London
  • “Applying for a Consultant’s Surgeon post in  the NHS is a daunting and very competitive process. It starts from preparing an  immaculate CV, meeting with prospective colleagues and finally presenting to,  and being interviewed by, a panel of 7 senior consultants and hospital managers.  Claire helped me create a clear and concise CV but, most importantly, coached me  in improving my interview skills and self-marketing techniques. As a result I  felt confident and prepared, which ultimately led me to stand out from the other  candidates and get the job.” KH, Surrey
  • “Redrafting my CV after a period away from work was proving a real  struggle.  Claire quickly helped me to create something which reflected  my achievements and experience and in the process helped me to remember  my skills and past successes.  Not only did I end up with a great CV but  also a renewed confidence with which to approach my return to work. ”  LM, Sevenoaks
  • “Our discussion was incredibly useful preparation. Claire is particularly good at asking questions that increased my insight into the situation.”  LB, London

Claire is a highly skilled professional and I trust her judgement  entirely.  She advised me during a difficult time in my career and was  always spot on.  She transformed the presentation of my CV and helped me  to focus my thoughts on how best to present myself and my experience in  interview. She also worked with me in identifying what I wanted  from my career going forward. I have now been offered a position  that fulfils all of the criteria we identified together and I am  extremely grateful to Claire for her help and guidance.” RM, St Albans

  • “Claire was recommended to me by a colleague and dear friend, so I trusted her judgement and was not disappointed. I found Claire approachable and easy to work with, she led me through the process in a clear and concise manner, ensuring I understood every step. Even though I put a tight timescale on the production of my CV, Claire was able to provide an excellent CV, with time to spare for last minute tweaks, which we worked on collaboratively. I am happy to recommend Claire to those who need guidance with their CV and will definitely use her again.” DR, Leeds
  • “Thanks for  your efforts on my CV, I found your ability to understand a skill set  (that was not your own) quite remarkable. Your comments and advice have been  insightful and as a result all have been incorporated into a much  improved, new look CV.” SS, Bath

 Unbelievable interview coaching! Claire had a 100% hit rate, covering all the questions I have been asked during my actual interviews. I’m starting my graduate position in two weeks. Thank you so much!” DS, Cambridge

  • “The coaching sessions I had with Claire helped me to discover and express qualities I was not aware I had and gave me insight into how to improve my answering technique. I felt prepared for the interview which involved 8 people firing questions for almost 1 hour. Claire increased my confidence, made me ready to deal with unexpected questions and situations and now I got the job I always wanted. Thank you.” MP Surrey
  • “I hadn’t applied for a job for a while. Claire modernised my CV and helped me prepare for job interviews. I’m now much more aware of what interviewers are looking for and I’m more confident about getting the key messages across. Claire has an empathetic, supportive style and is great to work with.” TB, London
  • “I like the way you personalised and tailored your questions, and the detailed feedback you gave. I also appreciated your flexibility with timings. Finally, I was impressed that you had such a good memory of previous sessions (even when I had forgotten certain things!).” RN, Harrow
  • “Claire has helped put my CV into a much more professional and logical format which has helped me to be able to apply for preferred roles. It highlighted my skills and achievements perfectly. The professional service that she provided me with was excellent and personal to me – I can’t thank her enough.” JD, Cheshire
  • “Claire really gave me confidence during our first conversation that she  could deliver as promised, and she definitely did. Thanks to Claire, I now have  a great CV I am really proud of, and my key achievements are clearly established  ready to discuss with potential future employers” AH, London

“Working with Claire really helped me prepare for my interview. She had a sound background of the recent developments in the NHS which made things a bit more realistic even though I had sessions over Skype. All the practice paid off and I would definitely recommend Claire to my friends and colleagues as she was brilliant. Thank you.” AS, Surrey

  • “After an extended period of parental leave my CV was very dated.  I wanted to apply for a competitive work scheme and asked Claire if she could help me to refresh and update my CV.  Claire spent time asking lots of questions to ensure that she was bringing out the pertinent points; my new CV was sharp, clear and made the best of my experience, including my leave. I was really impressed with Claire’s professionalism and knowledge and, most of all, was extremely pleased to be successful in my application.” HG, Sevenoaks
  • “I would recommend Claire in all aspects of interview and job coaching. She is at the top of her profession, and her calm and relaxed approach makes for an enjoyable coaching experience. I would have no hesitation in contacting Claire for further help with my career plan as she has inspired me beyond my normal comfort zone. Claire is a positive person and a great listener and one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever dealt with in business” CR, Rochester
  • “Claire was recommended to me by a friend, I was due to attend an interview for a surgical ST3 role and felt I needed coaching on the interview questions and answers. I attended three coaching sessions all together with Claire, we practised different questions and methods. Claire really supported me by encouraging me to really think about my answers and how to best answer these in a way that reflected all of my achievements. The sessions with Claire gave me the confidence I needed for the interview selection process. I am very pleased to say that I was offered the role which I’m due to start in October. Thanks Claire for your support.” SJ, Brighton

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